What kind of data we store?


During your visit of our website, we record IP address assigned to you by your internet provider, webpages the website was visited from, how long you stayed on the website, what sub-sites you were looking at, etc. Such information is not considered as personal and is not linked to your personal data.

Your personal data is entered voluntarily by you into various forms on our websites like registration forms or quizzes. It mostly relates to your contact data (e-mail).



Who is the Administrator?

RCSM, s.r.o., Identification No. 50917595, residing in Svätoplukova 15, 058 01 Poprad, enlisted in Commercial Register of District Court in Prešov, Inset No.:34980/P: Sro.

We process your personal data as the Administrator, i.e. we direct how your personal data will be processed, what will be the purpose, whom we choose as processing agents to assist in data processing.


Contact details

If you have any enquiry, call us at +0910 761 911 or write to: info@rcsm.sk.



As the administrator of your personal data, we declare that we comply with all legal requirements and obligations required by the legislation in force, namely the Personal Data Protection Act and the GDPR, whereby: the administrator will process your personal data solely on the basis of valid law enforcement, particularly for the purposes of the legitimate interest, contract fulfilment,  legal duties or granted approval; according to Article 13 of GDPR we fulfil our duty to inform before we commence to process personal data, we enable and support claims or fulfilment of your rights in accordance with Personal Data Protection Act and GDPR.


Scope of personal data and the purposes of processing

We process personal data entrusted by you personally due to the following reasons (to fulfil these purposes): marketing – distribution of newsletters, information, articles, etc.


We distribute newsletters exclusively based on your permission, with period of validity of 20 years from the date of consent. In both cases it is possible to revoke the consent by using the Unsubscribe link in every e-mail sent.


Transfer of personal data to 3rd parties

To secure concrete processing operations that cannot be managed by us, we utilize services and applications of collectors which are better suited to protect data and are specialized in such data processing. It relates to the providers of the following platforms:

SmartSelling a.s. (SmartEmailing, MioWeb)




In future, it is possible we will use other applications or collectors to ease or improve quality of data processing. However, we promise to process personal data exclusively on the territory of the EU.




Your rights with regards to personal data protection

In relation to personal data protection, there are several rights you are entitled to. If you are interested in any of these rights, please contact us at: info@rcsm.sk

You have the right of information to be provided that is already in compliance by means of this informational site containing personal data processing policy.

You can appeal to me anytime with regards to the right of access, thereby you will obtain your personal data processed by me and the reason of doing so.

If there is any change or there is a knowledge your personal data are out of date or incomplete, you have the right to rectify your personal data.

Right to restriction of processing can be used if you think we process impermissible data of yours, you assume we exercise the processing unlawfully but you do not want all your data to be erased, or if you filed an objection to data processing. You can restrict the scope of personal data or the purposes of processing.

Right to data portability. If you wish to accept and transmit your personal data to another subject, we will pursue similarly to the right of access – except for I will send information to you in machine-readable format. I require at least 14 days to do so.

Right to erasure (right to be forgotten). Another of your rights is the right to erasure. I do not want to forget you, but if you will you are entitled to. In that case I will erase all your personal data from my systems and from the systems of other data collectors. To exercise the right, I require a 10-day period. In some cases, we are bound by legal duties, e.g. I need to store your invoicing data for the period stated by the law. In that case I will erase personal data not bounded by another law. As soon as the erasure is complete, you will be notified by e-email.

Complaint at the Office of Personal Data Protection

If you assume your personal data are not treated in compliance with law, you can submit your complaint to the Office of Personal Data Protection. I would appreciate if you could inform me of such suspicion beforehand so that I could take actions and rectify any errors.

Cancellation of newsletter and commercial announcements distribution

You can cancel distribution of e-mails anytime by pressing the Unsubscribe link within every e-mail.


Let me assure you that our employees and co-operators in charge of processing your personal data are obliged to confidentiality with regards to personal data and security measures, revelation of which would jeopardize safeness of your personal data. Such confidentiality is valid even after their obligations terminate. Without your consent your personal data will not be transmitted to any 3rd party. 





The cookies technology is used by almost every website. With regards to legal regulations of the EU, websites using cookies are obliged to inform visitors on the purpose and means of using cookies and to obtain consent from users of these websites to store cookies into memory of the terminal equipment (e.g. hard-disk of a computer). According to Act on Electronic Communication No. 351/2011, Collection of Law of the Slovak Republic, (§ 55 par. 5.), for this purpose the consent of the user to store cookies shall be also the use of a respective setting of the web browser enabling storage of the cookies into memory of the terminal equipment.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small, harmless text files stored by a website into your computer or other small equipment to enable web browsing.


What cookies are used by this website?

Cookies of Google Analytics Service = to gather anonymous statistical data on how visitors of www.forexrebel.net use these websites. Such data serve to analyse number of visitors of the website, which sub-sites of www.forexrebel.net were visited, what kind of equipment, web browser, IP address in anonymous format were used, etc. This website uses cookies also for the purpose of advertisements (Google AdWords) and remarketing = to assist in evaluation and presentation of relevant advertisement to the visitors of www.forexrebel.net as soon as they abandon these websites. Such advertisements might be displayed, for example, in search results of Google and/or various websites using the AdSense advertisement programme. Read more on How Google uses cookies in advertisements and Personal Data Protection Policy of Google.


How to block or remove cookies?

Cookies of Google Analytics Service might be blocked by means of installing and launching of Google Analytics Opt-on Browser Add-on designed for web browsers of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. If you own a Google account, you can deny tracking by means of Google Analytics, including remarketing, on pages Google Ads Settings, accessible in section Opt-Out Settings.

In every current browser you can opt for so called In Private regime (where no cookies are stored) or to use JavaScript blocking option. In your web browser you can block or regularly erase the storage of cookies (and browsing history) directly in the web browser settings, or alternatively by using free software like CCleaner. You can display or erase so called FLASH cookies (which are not used by www.forexrebel.net) on the special website of the company Adobe Systems Incorporated.


More information of cookies administration of particular web browsers:


Changes in Terms & Conditions of Personal Data Protection

If we decide to change terms & conditions of personal data protection, we will publish them on this website.

These terms & conditions are valid from 1st October